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The Thirty-two Pages newsletter is

a merry jumble of the things I’ve learned during my twenty-three years as a published picture book author in Australia. I’m still curious about the craft of creating picture books. What makes the writing shine? What gets published? What is popular? What keeps certain stories singing after years in print? Some of my books are best-sellers, some are award-winners and some simply disappear quietly. Oh.

The publishing industry is forever changing. I don’t have all the answers but I’m happy to share what I do know, or think I know. (I spend a lot of time pondering.) I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.

You’ll also find reviews and teaching ideas for early childhood. My writing and teaching careers have crisscrossed since my first book was published. Books inform my teaching and teaching informs my writing. It’s a very fine marriage.

Picture books make me happy. You too? Come join me.

Katrina xx

“Bedtime stories that we can’t remember stay with us for life.”